Tanzania is best known for its Peaberry coffees, but this AA from Shiviwaka Co-Op in Tanzania is one of the finest African coffees we’ve cupped this year. Established to empower smallholder farmers to get their offers to market, Shiviwaka has been a force for positive change for Tanzania’s coffee growers, their families and communities, and the environment. This washed coffee is a great Tanzania, plain and simple. The nose is sweet vanilla and coconut, with a Honeydew melon note. That sweetness continues on the palate, where the vanilla is joined by rich chocolate and melted butter. The acidity is crisp and citrus-driven, and the body delicate and silky. It will remind you of a great Kenya AA – but we haven’t cupped any Kenya this good in a long time.
Key Facts:

Variety: Kent, Bourbon
Processing: Fully washed

Cupping score: 87

Founded 2007
Shiviwaka Origin:
An umbrella organization representing the interests of more than 8,500 coffee farmers in Mbeya, Mbozi, Ileje and Rungwe District Councils of Tanzania. In 2009 it got registered as a farmer owned Non-Governmental-Organization under the 2002 NGO Act and in 2014 it was also given a status of a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital. The organization assists member farmers in optimizing the marketing of their coffee, to inform them about price fluctuations and quality requirements as well as to establish and maintain contacts with potential overseas buyers. The organization’s core objectives aims at building local capacity and bringing about agricultural development in coffee and other crops production and good animal husbandry to the community by the mobilization of their economic, social and professional powers and thereby reducing poverty through broad participation.

Shiwanda Estate is located in the Mbozi District of Southwestern Tanzania, an older estate that saw a resurgence in coffee production in the late 90’s. The estate is roughly 500 hectares of land, and 150 planted in coffee. The estate is planted in mostly Bourbon types, and the altitude reaches as high as 2000 meters. The Peaberry is the 15 screen size round beans that develop when one of the two seed embryos dies. The other receives all the nutrition, and instead of growing with one rounded side, and one flat side (the side that faces it’s cohabitant), it forms into a small, and dense round bean. Peaberries are often thought to have higher sugar content, and are often more fruit forward than their flat bean counterparts. This is definitely a dense coffee bean, and can take the heat in the roaster.
Many have asked why is the Peaberry a sought after coffee? Well, peaberries have somehow managed to have created a mystique about them because how it forms, as stated earlier. That all the goodness of the coffee is only in one bean! Of course another reason, a more supply and demand of commercialization is the fact that the Japanese market practically buys all the conventional coffees from each crop as they do for a number of African countries. Given that the peaberries have been sorted out and a market came into being in Europe and North America having great desire for the exotic Peaberry!

This exceptional Haitian Blue coffee comes from Coopacvod, one of the oldest known cooperatives in Haiti. This is the only Arabica Blue Mountain being exported from Haiti at this time and it is the only Organic Coffee found in Haiti as well. The cooperative’s President, Francis Dubois, was an ex physics professor from Port au Prince. He has used his knowledge to use local river water to power the wash facility at the cooperative, and then he uses a tank system to filter it before it returns to the river. This helps to prevent the acids found in coffee cherries from harming the surrounding ecosystem and other local farms. Coopacvod has also committed to growing 100% Organic and Shade Grown coffee. They plant a number of diverse species around and on their farms including bananas, avocados, oranges, and peanuts. They are the operators and beneficiaries of our Own-A-Tree Project.

Key Facts:
REGION: Norde (North)
# OF FARMERS: 1856 (as of 2016)
ALTITUDE: 1200 m asl
VARIETALS: Arabica Blue Mountain

Tasting Notes/ Cupping Score
SCA Score: 87
Heavy almond and walnut flavors, buttery mouth-feel, smooth low acidity, balanced creamy body.

Coffee prices are vulnerable to a recovery on any weather setback in Brazil, Rabobank said, as it raised by 1.0m bags its forecast for the world production deficit next season, thanks to increased consumption hopes.
The bank acknowledged that coffee futures – which in the last session tumbled nearly to 11 month lows in New York, as the Brazilian real tumbled on allegations that President Michel Temer had bribed a witness – could yet see further declines for now. “In the short term, we can see some further downside [to prices],” said Rabobank analyst Carlos Mera. “Funds have been keen sellers,” against a backdrop of a rise in visible inventories, while the real “remains a potential dominant bearish factor”.
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